Effective Strategic Management

5 (five) days


  • 17 – 21 February 2020 in Bali : US$ 2250 per person
  • 20 – 24 April 2020 in Bangkok : US$ 2250 per person
  • 07 – 11 June 2020 in Dubai : US$ 3750 per person
  • 06 – 10 July 2020 in Bali : US$ 2250 per person
  • 07 – 11 September 2020 in Bangkok : US$ 2250 per person
  • 04 – 08 October 2020 in Dubai : US$ 3750 per person
  • 23 – 27 November 2020 in Bali : US$ 2250 per person
  • 06 – 10 December 2020 in Dubai : US$ 3750 per person

Course Fees

  • Are net into our account
  • Include a certificate, refreshments, lunch, stationery and writing instruments.

Other Locations & Dates
Upon specific request for a minimum 10 participants.

Today’s managers have to think strategically about their company’s position and about the impact of the current and foreseeable turbulent conditions. They have to monitor the external environment closely enough to know when to institute strategy change. They have to know the business and organization well enough to know what kind of changes to initiate. Simply said, the fundamentals of strategic management need to drive the whole approach to managing organizations.


After completion of this program participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the concept and crux of strategic management
  • Formulate vision, mission and core values and set strategic objectives
  • Conduct comprehensive internal and external situation analyses
  • Craft corporate, business, functional and operations strategies as well as prepare strategic courses of actions
  • Develop the required strategy implementation support systems & resources and lead the implementations of strategic plans


  • The 5W&H of strategic management
  • Formulating vision, mission and core values
  • Setting strategic objectives & balanced scorecard
  • Conducting external situation analysis
  • Conducting Internal situation analysis
  • Pinpointing SWOT and KSF-s
  • Identifying and evaluating strategy alternatives
  • Choosing the most appropriate strategy
  • Preparing the courses of action to implement the chosen strategy
  • Developing an organization capable of executing the strategy
  • Identifying, nurturing and maintaining a strategy supportive organization culture
  • Determining the required strategic budgets
  • Strategic leadership
  • Strategic performance management

A proper mix of short lectures, Q&A, discussions, individual & groups exercises and cases.

This workshop has been devised for managers who must provide significant contributions in the formulation and implementation of corporate- and/or business strategic plans. Past participants include Directors, General Managers, Division Managers, Department Managers, HR Managers, Change Managers, Project Managers and Corporate Planners.

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