Leading & Managing Change

5 (five) days


  • 04 – 08 February 2024
  • 05 – 09 May 2024

Copthorne Hotel Doha – Qatar


An essential core competence of executives and managers is the ability to plan and implement Change processes as well as to transform resistance into motivation. Starting with the experiences that have been made in the field of Change management in recent years, this workshop provides participants with information regarding strategies and methods of change management. Practical tips and tools to develop and implement change processes based on the concept of the learning organization will also be provided.

After attending this workshop, participants will be better able to:

  • Analyze the need for Change and What to Change
  • Analyze the Change readiness of their organization
  • Choose the appropriate Change strategy, plans and programs for their organization
  • Lead and manage the Change efforts


  • Change management overview : Change types & characteristics – Change triggers – Change management cycle – Core aspects of Change management – Critical factors
  • Defining the Change : Tools for defining the Change – Creating and communicating the Change vision, mission and objectives
  • Planning for the Change : Tools for planning the Change – Diagnosing  relevant internal & external factors – Pinpointing key success factors & SWOT – Developing Change strategies, plans & programs
  • Organizing for the Change : Developing integrated structures, systems, policies and procedures to rapidly execute Change strategies, plans and programs – Socializing the Change efforts
  • Implementing the Change : How to implement the Change strategy in an effective and efficient manner – When to apply what leadership style – How to nurture and maintain the required attitude & behaviors – How to cultivate the required organization culture – Challenges and how to overcome them
  • Measuring, monitoring and controlling the Change efforts : What to measure & monitor – Tools for measuring & monitoring – When to adjust what – How to adjust.

A proper mix of short lectures, Q&A, discussions, individual & groups exercises and cases.


This program is devised for confirmed managers who must provide significant contributions in leading organization Change and renewal. To obtain the maximum benefit from this program, it is recommended that companies send their several members of their top and Senior Management Team.

Past participants include CEO-s/Directors/General Managers, Division Managers, Department Managers, Project Managers and Corporate Planners.


  • US$ 3750.- per person, net into our account
  • Including a certificate, refreshments, lunch, stationery and writing instruments

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Registration closing date : 5 (five) weeks prior to the commencement date of the program.

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